Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cache Valley Goodnesss

Today I was working on the "Come Work for Us" page over at and was trying to find ways to convey to people who perhaps haven't been to Utah or Cache Valley just how gorgeous and cool the area is.  Also, it's pretty unique to have a engineering or electronics job that is located in a place like this.

It was an absolutely breathtaking day with the sun shining super bright and beautiful clouds in the sky, so I decided to head outside with my camera!  Fortunately I had a helicopter standing by to get me up to this height so I could capture this shot of ASI Headquarters!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sand Castle

Well, now that I am spending all day looking at a computer screen, I really don't have all that much motivation to spend my after-work hours working on photos...  But, I need to do something with photography before I forget how, so here is a shot from Tarifa, Spain.  I built this sand castle.  It's better than yours.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Autonomous Rush

I'm currently in Utah doing an internship at Autonomous Solutions. It is a robotic's company that specializes in automating vehicles of all types. The other day we were down at the airport in Logan doing some high-speed tests of our kit on a Ford F-150. Ford is using the kits on their proving ground test tracks for durability testing (when they drive over huge potholes non-stop for weeks on end etc, they have to switch drivers out every 3 hours or so. With our kits they can drive continuously with no operator...). Anyways, we are supposed to get these up to 80 mph and eventually faster, but the day I shot this we were doing tests at 60 mph.

This is also one of my first attempts at a panning shot that actually came close to working!  It only took about 150 shots to get this (and maybe 2 other ones that are almost as good)...  Now I just need to remember to frame the moving subject with something other than my middle focusing point, so the whole thing will be in the frame!