Saturday, October 25, 2008

BYU Homecoming Parade '08

Well, these are a bit late, but better than never right?... I went to the homecoming parade a few weeks back and got some shots in. Nothing really remarkable, but I thought I would put a few up, as I haven't been posting as rugularily as I would like.

Here's a shot of my great friend, Lauren!




Not sure how this represents the mission of the United States Air Force, but I'm sure it works to attract the video game crowd?...


Looks like the Cougar Football Truck Driver just watches movies...

This guy is like the best dancer I have ever seen. He is on the BYU ClubStyle dance club... I can't remember his name...(edit: his name is Austin Cameron... Thanks Court for reminding me!)

And finally, the after-party! My cousin was all dressed up for a homecoming dance. Lol, this is IBC and Martineli's of course...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kyle and Lindsay - AGAIN!

Well, I have been a bit lazy and haven't done a lot of work on Kyle and Lindsay's pics.. I don't have the whole workflow thing down I guess. In any case, I really needed to get them done so put some hours in this week and finished them off (at least to the point where I was happy with them for now and I got through all the ones they really liked..).

So, here are a few of them. Enjoy! (Click and it will take you to the picture on flickr where you can see it more biggerly if you want. lol just in case someone doesn't know how the internet works...)

Gee, looks like I am liking the bronze toned monochrome images these days, as well as a sort of "vintage" look.. quite... aesthetically pleasing... to the eye.. lol :)

Also, trying to decide it I want all my pictures centered or not.. What do you think? With landscape images it looks okay, but when there is a mix of landscape and portrait orientations it kinda looks unkempt when left-justified... But alas, it is easier, as I blog post right from flickr usually...


*After looking at the metadata, these next two were taken by my good cousin Kinsey!




Kinseys idea! Thanks Cuz!