Thursday, January 3, 2013

Year in Review: 52 Books

Last year I set a goal to read 50 books. I read 52!!  While a few of these are pretty thin and can't really be considered books (The Importance of Being Earnest), there are few thick ones in there too, so I consider this goal accomplished.

Not all of these books were amazing, but among my favorites were the following (not in any particular order):

  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • The Life of Pi by Yann Martel (I thought the book was much more hopefull and happy than how the movie ended)
  • The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley - Everyone should read this book!!
  • A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens - The ending is worth wading through the begining!
  • The Continous Atonement - Brad Wilcox - Everyone should read this book twice!
  • Gathering Blue - Lois Lowry - I love these thoughtful books
  • The Giver - Lois Lowry
  • The Count of Monte Cristo - Dumas - My favorite classic so far by a long shot!
  • The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern - maybe not amazing, but the narration by Jim Dale on the audiobook made the world come alive in so many magical ways. Maybe more of an experience book, whatever that means.
  • All of the Septimus Heap Books - Angie Sage - Fun light fantasy reads

Biggest let-downs:

  • Gullivers Traves. I hate historical satire I guess. Just plain boring and I hate charactors that know everything and Authors who just pontificate on things that annoy them about contemporary politics and culture (except Douglas Adams of course...). Guess I shouldn't read Swiss Family Robinson eh?
If you want to read my reviews, check me out on Goodreads.  I don't write long reviews, but hey.  Also, everyone should be on Goodreads.  It's the best place to check out books before you read them, and if you connect with a few friends with similar tastes, their reviews pop up first, and that can be helpful.  Also, its a good way to track reading lists, books you want to read, etc.