Monday, December 1, 2008

Las Vegas

Well, I recently spent a week in Las Vegas with my cousins. I got out one or two nights and took some pictures around the city. I also took family portraits for my cousins, so I'll be posting some of those pictures soon. I am attempting to host pictures on my own server space, and also am trying to make the pictures a bit bigger, although for now, what you see is that you get, there are no files that are larger until I figure out my workflow for that. edit: (arg, can't get large size to work. I hate web authoring in general and the way blogger handles pictures in specific. Soon I will be telling all you avid followers to put my new address in for my blog, which will be hosted on my own server using the Wordpress platform...) 

edit again:  Hmm, arg...  I guess this is as good as I am going to get with this particular post.  Click for a bit larger pics...

My Ride!

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