Saturday, October 4, 2008

Guitar Hero

Over the summer I went to a show in Raymond put on by a local-ish band (Eugene for anyone that knows him up in Calgary area I think?....). My best friend Byron was drumming for the band and I went mostly to take pictures of him but ended up having a blast taking pictures of the whole group. As I work on the images I will probably be posting a few of them on here.

For now I present the following images

and #2

I am not sure which one of these I like more, and want some feedback... I really like her ripped knee in the first image, but then I look at the second image and I really really like the way that the tuning pegs are out of focus on the second image, and how the focal point is more along one of the third lines.. I could crop the first image a bit though... Anyways, I am interested to hear feedback on which image you like best, and also on any post-processing you think might work well.

I know that both images are very warm, but I am not sure I want to change that, as that is how the lighting looked to the eye at the actual show. These pictures are pretty much raw out of the camera, with only the black point being adjusted slightly.



  1. I like the second picture better. The ripped knee is cool, but takes the focus away from the guitar.

  2. I like the first picture better. I think it's because the line of the guitar strings part (yeah, I don't know the lingo) leads to a focal point of the hand, which is located in the crosspoint of the thirds. The eye moves naturally from left to right (well, in our culture, haha) so it leads it better than the second. But that's my humble non-expert at all opinion. :)

    The kneee thing is cool, abra and auntie myrna are right though, I guess it depends what you want the photo to say--the guitar or the "boy band" (whatever you'd call it) aspect.

  3. I like the warmth, and I like the second picture better. The ripped knee is fine blurred. You don't need that to be the focus.... Anyways, way to go hon!


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