Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To Film, or Not to Film?

On our last shoot, Nathan was manning the monster film cameras, while I stayed with the much less monstrous 1Ds-mk2 (okay, so that is a pretty big monster with the 70-200L 2.8 on it... but that is a GOOD monster) *(thats for all the camera nerds out there... :) ).

ANYWAYS, I decided to try out adding some film grain to a shot to see if people (well, Nathan at least) thinks it looks like film at all.

So, without further adue, and without even any more parenthesis, I present:

Pure digital glory:

And defamed by film grain: Fuji Pro 400H grain and color emulation


  1. So I think the true test is: 1) Could Nathan tell the difference between a print out of yours vs. his? 2) In a blind taste test, which did he like better? 3) Which looked better to you and other non-technical reviewers?

    Basically is there a perceptible difference after your tweaks and if not, which is more pleasing to the eye...

  2. Thanks Mel (or family :) ) great points that apply to all post production in genearl. Often it is easy to do a ton of stuff to a picture that really don't add much too it.

    As for this picture, at full screen the differences are much more perceptible, and much of the difference is in the grain, which some people like.. Personally I am all or digital and tend not to like grain all that much, though maybe it is growing on me a bit... in some shots..

    Anyways... FYI I've been shooting with a school 1ds lately a lot... sigh... its way nice! The larger viewfinder alone makes a way bigger difference than I thought it would. plus a vertical grip... anyways.. Take care


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