Sunday, May 24, 2009

10 000

Well, today my Canon 40D took its 10,000th picture! Wahoo! I got it around two years ago if I remember correctly, and today, while taking some nature shots on a lovely Sunday afternoon, I passed this milestone. I wouldn't have even noticed except that the file names started back at _MG_0001.CR@ again! I was confused for a split second before I figured it out.

Maybe now I should sell the camera and say it has only 60 shots on it... hmm..... I guess the file names are not like an odometer though, you can reset them to zero anytime you please... oh well..


  1. Wow! Cool Eric! That cat looks like he is going to rip your head off! Dude, don't be a stranger.

  2. Let's see... the knick in the ear... that's Diggory, isn't it?


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