Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Short Walk to the Pools of Siloam

Today we went on a short walk down the Kidron Valley to the Pool of Siloam, where the current exit to Hezakiah's Tunnel is located.  I thought it might be fun to post a map of my little journey, and will probably do something similar for other trips.  I might not always post them, but thought it would be fun to have a record of my path.  Also, I am geotagging all my photos, as well as doing fairly extensive keywording in hopes of being able to effectively sort through the massive amounts of photos I will end up having at the end of this trip.

Current photo count: 305 (piddly for a whole week I know, but I have not really been focusing on taking photos yet.

The Church of All Nations, by the Garden of Gethsemane:

The Russian Orthodox Church, The Church of St. Mary Magdalene, just east of the Garden of Gethsemane:

A random tree in and path near southeast of the Temple Mount, in the Kidron Valley:

Absalom's Pillar, or the Tomb of Absalom, with both the Church of St. Mary Magdalene and the Church of All Nations in the background:


  1. Love the composition on the Orthodox church! Can't wait to go one day and follow your map for all the cool spots.

  2. I was just wondering what the name of that church was (by Gethsemane), thanks! :) It's fun to see some of your pictures!


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