Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bet-Shemesh, Micah Caves, and the Central Hills of Israel

We had a great fieldtrip into the central hill area of Israel the other day, and it was amazing!  Everything was so wonderful and green everywhere we looked.  That was probably due partly to the rains we got a few weeks ago, and also just that it is the green season.  Looking out over the lush green rolling hills it's hard to imagine them being brown and dead.  I'm sure glad we got to see it in the green season.

Near the Micah Caves there are tons of underground structures carved into the soft limestone.  Here is an underground room with 3 giant oil presses and an olive crusher.  There were also dwelling rooms and cisterns in the same complex.  Nearby were underground barns, many large cisterns, and other rooms used for industry.  Working underground sheltered the people from the hot sun.

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  1. Oh, I love all the poppies! Beautiful! They were just starting when we were there.

    Are those the chalk caves at Bet Guvrin?


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