Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mountain Meadows

After a recent shoot with my cousin Mel, who played a key role in getting me into photography, I decided that I need to practice landscapes. I used to only shoot landscapes and never people. On vacations I had to always tell my family to get out of the photos. Now my favorite photos to take are usually portraits, head shots or anything else with people in them, or at east a man-made subject like last post. However, some of my favorite photos to look at are nature ones, so I guess I better learn to take shots of nature that I can stand looking at. This is my latest attempt, taken up South Fork Canyon today, only a few miles above my maternal grandfather's (or great or great great grandfather's?) homestead.

For anyone who cares, this is an HDR (as was the last post). I'm trying to learn how to process HDR so it looks realistic, but still with more pop than a normal photo.


On looking over my blog, me thinks it about time to find a wider template and start uploading slightly larger photos... Hmm....


  1. Thanks Eric. Your mother's paternal grandfather (who moved to Canada in 1918) was raised in the South Fork of Provo Canyon on his father's homestead there. I love the picture!

  2. That's a gorgeous shot Eric! Love it! Way to go!

  3. Great shot, Eric! Hey, Josie wants some more headshots if you are looking for a model to experiment with.


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