Monday, November 29, 2010

Under the Bridge

I find that the more time I spent in post on my photos the more things I learn about composition.  For example, at the time I shot this I was mostly concerned with getting some pictures of the bridge quickly so I could get back in my car.  Totally wrong mindset, but I did get a few images that I liked.  This was one of my favorites, but looking at it now I would have composed it differently.  I don't really like how the bridge is almost perfectly lined up with the horizon behind.  I should have tried to get higher so the bridge was above or something.  Oh well....


  1. Another beautiful shot! I've taken pictures of that bridge and my photos don't look nearly so beautiful. xxxoxxxx

  2. Great shot. love the glowing trees. I see what you're are saying on horizon but higher seems like the only option and I like the spacing of the trees under the arch. I think its great!


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