Monday, October 6, 2008

General Conference

General Conference (of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) was wonderful! I went up with my cousin Darren (he's taking the last picture in the last picture) and a girly friend of his, as well as my roomate Duardo and his mother. I took a lot of random pictures and generally had a great time. I used to hate taking pictures of people, but now people are my favorite subjects for sure. I met some girls randomly who happened to be from my singles ward in Lethbridge, so that was really random. As I was taking some shots of them, a few people asked if I was taking pictures for the Ensign! I laughed and said "I wish!"

All in all it was a great day. We made it in to the Sunday Afternoon session, and it was great! I will be posting some pictures of my roommate, Duardo, tomorrow or sometime later, as they are a whole set by themselves (he got all into posing, and is very photogenic!.. lol). For now I present the following as a random sampling of my day.


To start off, an abstract of the Temple. I saw a print similar to this, but with bright red leaves in the bookstore selling for around $600 and so was trying to emulate it... not sure its the same quality, but I think I like it some...

conference08 3

Another of the temple. Tried several of the reflecting pool. Not sure if this one is my favorite, but its okay.

conference08 7

I was shooting my roommate and this little guy ran across in front of me and I quick got one shot in. Turns out I like it a lot!

conference08 6

Without further ado, the ladies! Nikole Burbank, and her friend, Janae Clarke, also from Lethbridge.

conference08 4

conference08 1

Lastly, Darren, Lauren, and some random people who wanted their picture taken!


  1. Super fun. I hear you guys ate Utah out of all its ice cream on Saturday night, too... :)

  2. great photos!
    i especially love the water reflection photo.
    you are super talented!


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