Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gone Flyin'

I have the same group of students in every class I am currently taking. We have group projects in every class, and we have the same group of 5 students regardless of the class. Our group, dubbed "Team Omega," went on a tour of RMC (Rocky Mountain Composites), a company based in Spanish Forks that creates composite (carbon fiber) parts for companies such as Lockheed and Boeing. They are also currently developing a VLJ (Very Light Jet) for another company called Spectrum. They will be manufacturing the small business jets right there in Spanish Fork.

After our visit, we stopped by the Spanish Fork Airport, where Brian Macbean, a cool guy in our group, has a few airplanes hangered. His dad owns a photography studio and they do areal work work with the planes. We got to go for a ride!








  1. I like that last shot with the five of you... next time you are in AB can we hire you to take some candid shots of the kids and a nice family shot? PUHLEASE pretty please, with a cherry on top and everything...?

  2. Looks like fun....I think the whole Conrad family would like to have shoot family pics of us!

  3. love the pics cuz! looks like fun!

  4. Eric, I didn't know Brian Macbean is in your group! He is from our ward! His Dad is a photographer, from Montreal, did he tell you that?


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