Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Matin' Season

Well, it's almost spring, and love is in the air!!! And that means lots of engagement shoots! This is from last week, and I will be shooting two more this week. Engagements are usually a lot of fun, and its nice that things are starting to green up a bit.

I have been looking for fast ways to touch up skin on portraits (it usually takes a bit of time to get nice skin tones and smoothing etc and mask around the eyes and other sharp areas) and recently stumbled across Portraiture, a plugin by Imagenomic that does all the smoothing and masking in about 10 seconds. This first picture is the first one I have tried it out on and I think I like it a lot.


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  1. dude, you PWNED that session, Can we show them some this saturday?


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