Friday, March 20, 2009

An Evening Shoot

That's about as creative as I get at 12:03... Here are some grabs from a shoot this evening. The light (or rather the dark) caught up with us faster that we thought it would, so we are headed out again tomorrow morning at 7:30... I have a terrible feeling I said something about the light at 8 that led them to pick that early time.... sigh...



  1. Love the lighting on the skin. What treatment if any did you apply?... Desaturation? Like the DOF on the first one! Darn you're good! Mel

  2. Thanks Mel! I have been trying out "Portraiture" but Imagenomic (there is a link to their site on the previous post, Matin' Season) and all these have some level of that plugin's effect. IT is really quite amazing, it smooths out the skin while still leaving it textured, avoiding the porcelain-doll look that gaussian blurs create. I'm falling in love with it, it is sooo easy to use and has a great look.. Problem is it costs like 200 bucks.. so we'll see if I end up buying it...

    Other than that just basic adjustments and vignette and color temp..

    Oh, I also sharpened via LAB (sharpen just the Luminosity channel=amazing results) and painted that layer in just around the eyes and a few other details..

    Cheers. Eric


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