Monday, May 18, 2009

A few more of Kinsey

A few more from Kinsey's wedding, and I have been trying to create some sort of watermark for my images... I think I will probably change it tomorrow and this version will never be seen again...

I keep trying to photoshop pictures late at night when I should be sleeping... I think I would do better in the morning... but here are a few regardless... Cheers

Upon hearing the clanking of plastic spoons on plastic cups, I ran around and luckily caught the kiss!


  1. Kinsey's such a beautiful bride and you did a great job on her pictures!

  2. I totally love her shoes!!!! The top picture is great...

  3. I like the watermark, but do you own It doesn't bring anything up. It does look more professional than, though! :) I'm excited to see more pictures of Kinz.


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