Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sneakin Shots at Waterton

Went up hiking in Waterton last weekend (the Canadian part of Glacier National), and it was a good time as usual.  I saw a mom bear with 2 cubs and got to within about 10 feet of them, but didn't have my camera set up right, and only got blurry images.   sigh... I need to go shooting animals more or just stop trying.  In the end, the shots I liked best from the day were of random people that I saw at Cameron Lake.




  1. Umm, you got to within 10 feet of a Mama Bear and her cubs? Are you crazy??!! Do you need to read "Night of the Grizzly"? :)

  2. No kidding! Night of the Grizzly. That's what we all think about.....

    But good pictures. Did they know you were taking them?


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