Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brazilian Style!

Well, its been a LONG time... I did shoot some engagements over summer, but never posted them here.... Anyways, I had a good shoot today with this fine couple from Brazil. They flew me down there to take the pics and it was a good time... Okay, so they both live here Utah, but hey, they are from Brazil. They want the final in Black and White / sepia, so that's why most of these are that way.


  1. 2nd to last is my favorite. Awesome pose, look by bride, shadow, lighting,... Super!

  2. 4th from the top is my favorite, but they are all good!

  3. Thanks guys! you are all so specific.. I guess I should number my pics for easier critic eh :)

  4. The second is my favorite! 4 and 7 are awesome too. Isn't Eric amazing?

    P.S. I'll email you our favorites and I'll bring your jumpdrive over today.

    -Bride to be :)


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