Monday, December 14, 2009


This is the one I ended up printing. I printed it 6 inches by 14, and framed it in a 24x16 inch frame. and it looks GREAT! I'll post some pics of the whole thing later.

Here is the final file I printed:

And here's the original, mostly un-photoshopped verision, to show you the joys of photoshop.


  1. Looks very cool. Are you going to give it to your Dad? He would like it, I think.

  2. Hey that's the one I chose!!! ps..this is Mandee, not Jordan, I am just signed in as him

  3. So, that one was actually my favorite (as in, which would I want on my wall if it was me), but since I knew my opinion was skewed by my background I had to say some of the others too. :)


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