Thursday, March 11, 2010

Goats, Plants, and Scribes

Today we went to Neot Kedumim, a nature reserve that offers tours and explanations explaining about the many different aspects of nature that appear in the Bible.  It was really interesting to try to herd sheep,  see the many different plants mentioned in the Bible, and just generally be out in nature.  The only bad deal was that it was around 85 degrees and 110% humidity.  I was not made for such weather...  but I guess I can't complain, as it IS still March...

We ended the the day with a scribe who showed us how they make ink and parchment for the Torah and other religious texts.  He demonstrated some beautiful Hebrew calligraphy and then showed us a 200 year old Torah scroll.  It was really cool to look at it and actually be able to read it in the original Hebrew!  (though I don't yet know what the words mean, I have learned the Hebrew Alef-Bet, so that is really cool...)

A new fig putting budding, although this branch doesn't have any fruit... hmm...

This was the plant that people think the crown of thorns was that was placed on Jesus' head by the Romans.

Another fig, this one unlikely to be cursed, because it bears fruit in its season!

This guy is a scribe and also a chief gardener at the nature reserve.  It was really cool to watch him write in beautiful Hebrew script.

This is a 200 year old Torah scroll that was saved from being burnt in a pogrom in Poland in WWII


  1. Thanks Eric, for all the pictures and for telling us what you are learning and experiencing. Best wishes, Bruce

  2. Amazing pictures Eric!!

  3. Oh, come on, Eric. It was over 100 degrees today here. 85's nothin'! :)

    Also, thanks for the pictures, especially the one of the gardener writing. I've been wondering how people hold their pens when they write right to left but I think you've just answered my question--I don't see many people writing here.


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