Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Becoming Clear

I made some mosaics from my library of Jerusalem Photos and thought I would share some of them. I just ordered a canvas print of the first one in 18"x24" and hope that it will look good. Canvaspeople.com was having a 50% off sale (now 40% if anyone wants prints) and I was tempted to buy 3 of them but didn't know how they would turn out so I only ordered this first one. I also ordered a print of my "Lonely Church" picture from 3 or 4 posts down and hope that will turn out great as well.

Click through if you wanna see bigger versions and try to make out all the little images...

Also, here is a 200 megapixel, 8000 image version of the above image. I was trying to figure out a way to display most of my pictures from the trip (like my video here), and thought of making one mosaic with all of them. This mosaic has repeats (up to 3 copies of each image) but I am currently setting my computer grinding away on making a version using 98% of all my photos and only using each picture once. We'll see how it turns out.

Here she is, or click here for a full-screen treatment.

+ and - to zoom, click and drag to navigate


  1. Those are really cool! What a fun way to incorporate all your photos into one. Love the 2nd and last one.


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