Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'll gradually be working through more images from the fire, tho from here on out I'll be interspersing them with my regular work. Thanks everybody for the interest and be sure to check back for more great photos from around Provo and abroad (I am working through a huge backlog of photos from a 4 month trip to the Middle East, and am planning a trip to Europe in the coming months!)


  1. Eric,
    My father is a captain with Provo Fire and was the first on scene that morning... We are working on a compilation of pictures/videos/stories/witness accounts/etc for him to present to the department (and keep a copy for himself) of one of the most historic fires in provo. Would you be willing to assist us? Your pictures are fantastic.
    Please contact me at
    I hope to talk to you soon!

  2. Yes eric i'm stalking you, but I just had to comment on this photo, its so tragically beautiful.

  3. @Sara sorry I didn't get back to you on this till just barely. Thanks!

    @Naomi ... stalker!! jks thanks so much! ya it was super sad that the tabernacle burnt down. but it did make for some dramatic photos!


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