Sunday, September 21, 2008

BYU World of Dance 08

Yesterday I went to World of Dance here at BYU put on by the ballroom dance team, the folk-dance team, the Cougarettes, the Ballet team, and some others I am sure. It was the most amazing dance show I have ever been too. The lighting and stage design was absolutely amazing, and the choreography was stunning. I was really excited to take a ton of pictures but then they asked us not to take ANY photos.. I think they meant no flash photography, but I still felt guilted into only sneaking in a few here and there. so I really didn't get too many great ones, but here are a few that I liked.

The Cougarettes did some amazing dances. They really are amazing and I feel bad that they get a bad rap from sports events. They really aren't cheerleaders.


As I said, the lighting was amazing. This is just sort of an abstract photo, but I really like it...

The floor:

dance-_MG_0021 dance-_MG_0020

The Theatre before the show started...

And finally, a bit of a group shot...


  1. Cuz, you are SO good at this - if I ever manage to get married, can I hire you to take engagement and wedding photos? lol

  2. I like this pictures, lots of colour!


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