Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Day with Mel Torrie and Family

I went up today and spent the day with Melvin and his family. They just built a new house near Logan and it is really amazing... Every room is wired with little computer panels in the walls that do intercom stuff as well as control the sound system in every room. All the media is controlled with a media server in the basement and it is all pretty technical. The perfect place for a geek like me to spend the day! We went out and shot fall colours in a canyon up here. It was amazing.

After shooting for several hours, we came back and set up for a local camera club meeting that Mel was hosting. We were expecting around 20 people and only 6 or 7 showed up, but it was fun nonetheless. Melvin taught basic camera skills and settings, and another guy talked about panoramas in Photoshop. I then did a brief overview of Lightroom followed by some more in-depth coverage of layers and blending modes in Photoshop. It went pretty well. I think I like teaching people.

I will put some pictures up tomorrow, but for now I just wanted to write down what we did. I might start to do a bit more writing here on the blog, mostly for my own sake, so don't feel bad if you never read any of it. I think that writing is a good thing to do. It clears the mind, and is just fun sometimes. Plus I am going to print out my blog every year or something so I will have a journal of my year in photography. So why not include some text here and there?...



  1. Well... I hope you had a good birthday ERIC!
    Love your photos, but I like to hear what you're doing (or read...) too!

  2. I forgot to read your birthday blog. So now I will repent. And do it.

  3. It's nice to hear thoughts...once in a while....


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