Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Blog Look, and Borders!!

Well, I am trying out a new look for my blog, and I think I like it. Sometimes the background doesn't seem to load right but I'll get it all sorted out. Also, yesterday was my record day for visitors to the blog. 20 PEOPLE!!! IN THE SAME DAY!!! AMAZING! lol.

I just got a plugin for Lightroom 2 that can add borders or anything on its way to exporting to Flickr or Facebook or just to a file and thought I would try it out. I think with the new blog colours that I really need to put borders on the pictures... http://timothyarmes.com/lr2mogrify.php is the link to the Export Plugin (actually its called a post-export plugin)

edit: Man, that yellow colour looks sick.. I won't do that again I don't think. I was just trying to match the picture...

This is a flower.. ISO 1600 and quite grainy.. man, I need the new 5DmkII... I hear it has way better High-ISO performance. Or I could just buy NoiseNinja...


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